You say discussion
is a two-way street
but the road is rough
— my way is impeded —
Halted     Blocked
… familiar signs
STOP                     Wrong Way
Yield                      No Passing
Detour   HERE                      a really good idea

Whereas on your side
OverSize Machinery Rolls Steadily ON
a continuous flow of
oncoming traffic
that will not be deterred
by some small economy car
making its way among potholes
speedbumps                  loose gravel
and uneven shoulders

On the rare occasions
when I toot my horn for attention
you blow a freak tire
and roll down your window to yell
“I can’t take this anymore!”
My usual silence
………….on the other hand
gets good mileage
though it eventually leaves my carburetor clogged
my windows foggy
and my engine choked
in the north bound lane


Author’s Bio

Andrea Schwenke Wyile is a first-generation born Canadian Settler, east coast bibliophile, and writer slowly emerging from a hedge of academic bellbind. She has works in The Nashwaak Review, The Hilt Magazine online:, and In/Words Magazine; her Widow Wyile Website will work its way into being.