Alice Major | PRIVACY ACTS


I’ve just been asked to sign a waiver
so the boarding-kennel manager
can hand out information to the vet
………. about the cat
in an emergency—a recent edict of
………. the privacy act.

I’m glad society’s concerned about
protecting data on the cat’s behalf.
He is a private animal, without a doubt,
………. has never answered
questions as to where he’s been, or where
………. he got that bird.

It’s good to know the law protects
our right to be invisible
beneath the bushes.

Our civic edifice is founded on the fact
that you can go inside your castle
with whatever bird you’ve caught
………. and close the door.
The facts are no one’s business but your own.
………. No need to share.


Author’s Bio

Alice Major’s tenth book of poetry, Standard Candles, is being released by the University of Alberta Press. Her many awards include the Pat Lowther prize and a National Magazine Award Gold Medal. She served as Edmonton’s first poet laureate, and is the founder of the Edmonton Poetry Festival.