Adam Lawrence | EVOLUTION


Not a surface-world of steady, predictable motion.
We’d much prefer the soft curve of canoe spooned
by a placid lake, with little to no tidal break to upset
the measured stroke. A demure hand would have no
trouble navigating this rich velvet soupe de jour. But:

something churns grunts out
with a little less grace a little less form

no sinuous lines on a gallery wall
but a dark and fossilscrawled
cave a rude ready-made

sometimes cut
the grasping hand
(or paw)

say it again like you’re bearing down
………. evo-LOO-tion
and conjure up slow ooze of life in a
viscous sac of fish eggs the abrupt pop
of an angiosperm flowering a desert

a worm’s equilibrium
is punctuated
by the inaudible
gelatinous smack of its undulate thrust


Author’s Bio

ADAM LAWRENCE’s writing has appeared in Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine, Salon, JSTOR Daily, Vallum: Contemporary Poetry, and He’s taught writing and literature courses throughout eastern Canada, and is currently a freelance writer and editor in Montreal.