2023 Poetry Award | SHORTLIST

We are thrilled to announce our short list for

the 2023 Vallum Poetry Award.

It was a pleasure to read everyone’s work

and we are awash in gratitude and admiration

for these poets gracing us with their work.

Congratulations to the shortlisted poets!




Murray Mann, “How I Kept My Pace With The Mountains”

Rose Maloukis, “I build with Offcuts”

Zak Jones, “In Transit”

Jay Kidd, “Portrait”

Viviane Vives, “Santa Fe”

Risë Kevalshar Collins, “palimpsest”

Robert de la Chevotière, “Soliloquy”

Dominique Bernier-Cormier, “A Timeline of Marble”

Ockert Greeff, “Handpicked”

Bridget Huh, “Touching the Verb”

Diana Hope Tegenkamp, “so I can bring you with me”