Jacob Scheier | NOTE

NOTE After we met I emailed you and asked if you wanted to have coffee with me and give me advice about finding an apartment in New York since you had recently moved there but you never responded because I think you assumed the apartment thing was just an excuse to see you again and […]

Jacob Scheier | JUMBO ELEGY

JUMBO ELEGY “Paralysed force, gesture without motion;” —The Hollow Men The cement elephant plays chicken with a train, forever up ahead. With painted eyes he stares down the ghost of that locomotive. Makes it vanish. The town’s barren tracks like casket handles holding nothing’s ceaseless progress. Jumbo, the world’s most beloved behemoth, still as a […]

Jacob Scheier | A GHOST STORY

  A GHOST STORY Last night we walked down the old country road, new to us. The full moon hung too low, and out in the fields a thick mist clung to the immediate sky above the freshly harvested soy crops. This part was true presuming what we could see during the day remained once […]