Blaine Marchand | BECOMING HISTORY

BECOMING HISTORY History is a cyclic poem written by Time upon the memories of man. ………. ‚ÄĒPercy Bysshe Shelley 1. Your breath almost imperceptible, the burr of hummingbird wings, as your chest rises and falls like the tubular flowers they scour for nectar. Then it stops and you become history. 2. As I walk home […]

Blaine Marchand | IN KEEPING

IN KEEPING Your stuff. Some call it junk. The bric-a-brac of ten decades, one hundred years of bobs and bits. On the windowsills‚ÄĒthe rooster, whose changing colours foretold the weather, long since at a standstill; the clutch of porcelain roses in crystal vases that never require watering. In the glass cabinet, the prized bone-china teacups, […]