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9:2 "The Invisible Cityscape"

EXCLUSIVE ONLINE POEM: "Book History" by Jennifer Zilm



Julie Eliopoulos

From The Underground

Anthony Labriola

Losers Weepers

Jennifer Zilm

#16 Hastings

Matthew R. Loney

The Workmen Clamor Below \ Billboard Seen as a Portal

Richard Scarsbrook

Look at That Body (Lumnious Veil) \ The Recipe (For What We Made)

Les Murray

Persistence of the Reformation \ The Typist

Blaise Moritz

The Port of London

Venetia Peterson

Embarrassed Night \ Night Driver

Simon Jackson

Lost in New York

James Sandham

Jogging by Cenotaphs

Rona Shaffran

Sliver \ Chaste

David B. Huebert

Cadaver on Bloor St.

Jennine Scarboro

Urban Vanitas

Allison LaSorda

Towers in the Park \ City of Refuge \ Our Rectangle of Green

Nathaniel G. Moore

Meatloaf is a Band of Death

James Deahl

Black Ants During the Recession \ Dofasco \ After the Shutdown, the Birds are Singing

John Barton

People Who Don't Know They're Dead How They Attach Themselves to Unsuspecting Bystanders and What to do About it

Catherine Brunet

Janine Beneath the Awning

Jesse Patrick Ferguson   Bounty
Michelle Glennie   Architect
Marc Jampole   In Recovery
Lea Harper  


James B. Nicola   After-Shocks
Noel King   Weekend in the Country
Moez Surani   Notes Towards Nine Pietas
Günter Kunert   Berlin in August \ Genoa: Centro Storico (translated by Gerald Chapple)
Sharon Caseburg   Interview with Ariel Gordon

Heather Spears

Quicker and Deader by Richard Rathwell

Bill Neumire

A Lovely Gutting by Robin Durnford

Alisha Mascarenhas

Apologetic for Joy by Jessica Hiemstra-van der Horst

Lisa Sookraj

Local News by Glen Downie


Sion Fullana


Blue Bike (cover) \ Classy Rain Men \ A Hassidic Afternoon \ The Girl Behind the Glass \ Did You Hear the Rain Tap on the Glass? \ A Flying Mind \ Type, Tap, Like \ Pigeons Against Woman \ We are Nothing but the Hopeful Dream of a Child


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