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There are many ways in which surrender manifests: joy, despair, a willingness to give up one’s “totality” for someone or something other than ourselves. We surrender to vices, to glory, to the divine, or to the void. In this issue, poets such as Christopher Levenson, Tim Lilburn, Pamela Porter, Paul Vermeersch, and Leland James, along with artist Maya Flore ask: what does it mean to bend, to yield?

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MARCH 2015



In the midst of chaos, a little humour is often necessary. Even in the most trying of times, humanity has been able to see the lighter side of things, to commune with the part of life that is meant for happiness and enjoyment. 12:2 will feature poetry that is funny, absurd, comedic, in its various and different forms. A little doggerel, light verse, limerick or rhyme—all will work to create a kind of humour that will give us some respite from today’s grime and grind. Of course, we will also consider some dark humour. Send us your best work!

DEADLINE: May 1, 2015



Vallum's 2015 Poetry Contest is now accepting submissions. Send us your winning poems! 

This year's Vallum Award for Poetry is judged by Stephanie Bolster and offers a FIRST PRIZE OF $750 and a SECOND PRIZE OF $250. Poets may submit up to three poems of maximum of 60 lines each.

You can find more details HERE.



A video poem by Gary Barwin:


Gary Barwin
is a writer, composer, multimedia artist, educator, and the author of 17 books of poetry and fiction, including Moon Baboon Canoe (Mansfield Press, 2014). He will be Writer-in-Residence at Western University in 2014-2015. He lives in Hamilton, Ontario and at

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“Mary di Michele’s The Montreal Book of the Dead shows how well a chapbook works when it has a theme... She takes us to the top of Mount Royal at night, and then delivers an epiphany, a vision of the world from the stellar perspective, seeing it as a whole... A border crossing, indeed.”  
– Bert Almon

Read the full review HERE!

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download (2) 7A Remarkable Grey Horse
by Thurston Moore & John Kinsella

A Tilt in the Wondering
by Nicole Brossard

Recurring Awakening
by Franz Wright

The Gospel of X
by George Elliott Clarke

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Founded in 2004, the Atwater Poetry Project is in its tenth season, and continues to offer monthly readings by established and emerging poets from Montreal and across Canada. Readings are held in the stately auditorium of the historic Atwater Library and Computer Centre, Montreal. 

Come experience the Atwater Poetry Project’s last reading of the season at the Atwater Library. That's where we'll be! 

March 29 @7PM: Gillian Wigmore, Ross Leckie and Mia Anderson

Facebook Event Invite:

For more information you can visit their website HERE.



A special thank you to Vallum's Outreach Facilitator, Alisha Mascarenhas!

In 2014, through Vallum’s Poetry for our Future! outreach program, Alisha Mascarenhas conducted four workshops at the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal.

Through these workshops, women had the opportunity to share their personal experiences through poems, support each other, connect with oneself, and heal.

Here’s what one woman had to say about her experience:

“My name is Tealey Normandin and I am the Outreach Worker at the Native Women’s shelter of Montreal. I had the opportunity to sit in on a Writing Workshop that Alisha Mascarenhas facilitated here at the shelter. I was very impressed with her format and structure of the workshop. It not only provided for a great foundation for sharing but it helped the women to ease into the topic with an awareness of themselves. Thus, enabling for open dialogue and participation.”
– Tealey Normandin

Thanks so much to Alisha Mascarenhas for her amazing work in our community!

Also, thanks to our donors, facilitators, hosts, interns, and amazing participants! All of this has only been possible through your support – a community who sees the value of literature to inspire, connect and educate.

To read more about our Poetry for Our Future! outreach program, visit our website HERE



donateVallum would like to remind you, our reader, of the community work that Vallum Society for Education in Arts & Letters does. Vallum is a federally incorporated charity that promotes literacy and literacy awareness through workshops in schools, women's shelters, native shelters, youth shelters, missions, and other community organisations.

As of this year, Vallum has been approved for the Quebec government Mécénat program, which is a superb fundraising opportunity because each fully tax-deductable donation to Vallum is being matched three-to-one. For every ten dollars you donate to Vallum, thirty dollars will go toward a greater understanding of literature and literacy.

To make a donation of any amount, please visit us at


Vallum's Mailing Address Has Changed!
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5038 Sherbrooke West
PO BOX 23077 CP Vendome
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Conseil des Arts de Montreal


Help For Writers 






"Surely there are words to encapsulate the whole of eclectic and colorful collection of original art, poetry, and essays that unravel the world from bizarre and fantastic perspectives ... a refreshing variety of style and range of voice."
- Utne Reader / Link to the full article

"What rewards and satisfies the most about the poems in Vallum is their use of language. I donít know how often Iíve read a journal containing poems of the same style that might have been written by the same poet. This is not true of Vallum where language is witty, startling, sardonic, obscene, often (and I canít believe Iím using this word) - lovely."
- Literary Magazine Review / Link to the full article

"Öestablishing this publication as one of the top poetry magazines in the country. The layout and design are fantastic, and the full-colour artwork is magnificent, both complementing the fabulous writing...a fabulous magazine, with the quality of a fine book."

"This Canadian journal makes a bid to be international."
- Bloomsbury Review

"Vallum's mix of poetry, prose, and visual art is audacious and exciting.... If the vigorous writing in this journal is any indication it's only a matter of time before the world catches on... This new magazine has a beautiful artistic look and feel."
- The New Pages Literary Magazine Stand

"An impressive lineup of poets."
- The Montreal Mirror

"Beautifully printed and not a little self-willed."
- Literary Magazine Review

"Vallum is passionate, ethereal, realistic and provocative, responding to change and movement of time, raising questions of the reader and proffering various solutions."
- Incwriters Society


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