Brent Cassan | SHIFTS OF BEING

SHIFTS OF BEING Distant parish bells chime for morning prayers. Overhead, … buzzards circle, …… slyly waiting as I munch Bavarian pastrami & brittlekorn on the brow … of my golden meadow’s ………. evolutionary fold. So begin exclamations in this fertile orb of life, … in this search for biological marvels across atmospheres of altered […]


SYLLABIC ACROSTIC: HOODOOS (BRYCE CANYON) A tall, thin spire of rock that protrudes from the bottom of an arid drainage basin or badland. ……….. —National Park Service Bristlecone Pines’ storm-scoured roots twist into limestone slopes yielding to ice that widens cliff-face caverns and grottoes, erosion’s slow slide gliding counterclockwise underneath afternoon’s unbroken blue. Numinous lithic […]


BOCIANY (STORKS): AFTER CHEŁMOŃSKI It’s the current he supposes. To be warmed by faltering electricity. Women watch men watch football on dying televisions, men between beers. Storks grasp bramble and twig, not as souvenir, but as living theatre. ~ Chełmonski’s Poland, oil on canvas, circa 1900. A son and father in a field on a […]

Maureen Korp | OAHU

OAHU seeing something there a glint, quick light rippling in the tide half a heartbeat closer dark, silvered triggerfish back and forth . . . back and forth ships and planes and submarines reconnaissance, surveillance—coastal helicopters, back and forth, back and forth . . . in the tide, the triggerfish in the boxes up the […]

Tara Dourian | SAN GREGORIO

SAN GREGORIO San Gregorio has been there before her before those two wild dogs were. An ancient temple that I saw before but had not seen until now, now that I wanted to climb up its hill, feet digging into the glittering orange soil a sand mattress with olive tree springs spring almonds stone-cracked, savoured […]

Pamela Porter | RUPTURE

RUPTURE Pearls in a silver bowl, half the clasp, no string. Among the smaller stars, fallen planets. I was your final dance. The night and its prophets, all your eyes watching. You were a road, a river; now you’re spindrift, washed up. Where everything, eventually, is finished. Boarded up. Abandoned. Your cities of ruin. Little […]