AGIR x Vallum | Four-day workshop series for the LGBTQIA+ migrant community, facilitated by Angelic Goldsky

Four-day workshop (March 5, 6, 12 and 13): Coming back to yourself through poetry, play and performance

AGIR in collaboration with Vallum Society for Education in Arts and Letters is hosting a four-day workshop series facilitated by Angelic Goldsky. AGIR Montréal (Action LGBTQIA+ avec les ImmigrantEs et RéfugiéEs) is an autonomous non-profit organization, by and for the LGBTQIA+ migrant community living in Montreal.

If you would like to sign up, please read the description of the workshop below and click the link to register at the bottom of the page!

Coming back to yourself through poetry, play and performance

This is a workshop for LGBTQ+ folks, and all those questioning and curious, that are ready to discover queer homelands within words and poems. This four day workshop (March 5,6, 12, 13) will be a healing and gentle process, of playing with mother tongues, multi-lingual expression, and finding who we really really are through self discovery writing and performance.

How do we write ourselves back into feeling? How do we dig and dig and write until all we feel is the truth. How do we leave nothing onto the page but our most gruelling, painful, weirdest, ugliest, most beautifully cracked up truth? Singing in all of its merciless.. staring at it. We remember who we really are.All it took to come here.

This workshop is for peoples who have had their lives impacted by diaspora, migration, borders of gender and land – for us all to tap back into our authentic voice, sound, and expression. Even if it not translatable.

Brandon Wint said with each poem he “writes himself back into feeling” (2020). Muriel Rukeyser wrote: “What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? / The world would split open” (1960).

Among all the layers of heaviness and silence, in this workshop we come back to ourselves and our truth through the unique process of poetry, play and performance.

Each exercise is geared towards de-poeticizing, removing all the places we hide, and entering the poem only as truest emotion. Instead of super-imposing literary devices, we will enter a space where the poetic is the only truth – where our words tell us, and discover us.

Where we finally find what we have been feeling, and we produce a sacred clarity. Through excavation, embodiment, and awakening techniques, we will together find our truths, and work through recreating processes of editing, of clearing and of discovering in poetry – towards an empowered process of self-recognition and transmutation.

This workshop will explore meditation techniques, performance techniques, and especially: poetry as a mode of healing and relearning our authentic selves, sounds and similes.*


Angelic Goldsky [they/them/iel] is a Russian-Jewish trans-gender, queer poet, writer and performance artist. Angelic sees their work as the work of a poetry excavator. They have been honoured to dig up words, and transmute them across Turtle Island and Europe, unearthing what was once buried. They have been published in Frontier Poetry and SAD Mag among other journals, and serve on the editorial board of Room Magazine. Goldsky has developed programs in partnership with The Museum of Anthropology, Jewish Queer Trans Vancouver and Everybody Is In Downtown Eastside, working in community cohesion through poetry, art and media. They love creating arts space where everyone can be celebrated and honoured in full spectrum. As a queer artist who works through concepts of diaspora, home, and play – they are so elated to join AGIR to co-create poems, performance and possibility!