John Mann

Text Me When You’re Done, World

Acceptable in thy sight
could mean anyone.
I am transforming. Watch
that dog on the corner
with the luscious coat of rust.
It could be me.
Hearing is going
but I can still smell
the rose lance-petals
of beloved fireweed.
Flames sweep over the land.
Terror comes every night.
I am on my feet. I am
walking every second of life.
Don’t forget to tie your shoes.
Put on your good hat.
This jacket has an orange X.
You never know who
will be watching.



This poem is published in Vallum: Contemporary Poetry 14:1 in PRINT and DIGITAL! This issue also features work by George Elliott Clarke, Shane Book, Phil Hall, Erín Mouré, Sonnet L'Abbé and many more! To order your copy, please visit our ONLINE STORE !



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