Vallum Subscriber Care

Frequently Asked Questions

As a general rule, please email for any customer support.   However, we have collected the answers to some frequently asked questions here.

I'm a new subscriber.  When will I get my issue?  Can I get it sooner?

If we are producing a new issue, we usually wait until we are prepared to mail the issue.  This keeps everyone's subscription terms even and our postage costs low.  If you are a new subscriber, you can request a backstart with your order and we will mail you an issue upon reciept of payment.  We cannot backstart without payment.

I ordered the wrong thing.  How do I change it?

As long as we haven't mailed you anything, then we will be happy to exchange an item.  Please send us an email at requesting the item.  

I need my order immediately.  How do I rush delivery?

Rush delivery is available, but is not included in Vallum's free shipping policy.  DO NOT use the online ordering features - instead, send us an email at with your order, your address, your email and telephone number and we will contact you with a shipping estimate as soon as possible (we're not here on weekends).

What is Autorenewal? 

Autorenewal is where Vallum bills your credit card every year through PayPal.  We do not send you renewal letters.  You can subscribe through the website and unsubscribe when you like.  We will only contact you if we are notified that your billing information is no longer valid.  You can see more at the page on Autorenewal .

Can I get a signed chapbook?

We do not always have signed copies, but if we have them in stock we are happy to supply them.

Can I pay by credit card without using the online store?

Yes - you can pay by credit card through mail, fax or telephone.  Check out the contact us page for details.  We will process your order through our secure server.

The issue/chapbook I want is not on your website.  How can I order it?

Unfortunately, that means that the specific product is out of print.

I want to order for my institution.  How can I do that?

Please place your order through our online form and we will invoice you promptly.

I am moving - how do I change my address?

Please send us an email at or by mail.  

How do I send a gift subscription?

If you are paying by credit card, please fill out the gift address in the shipping form.  If you are paying by cheque, fill out the appropriate box on the form.  We will forward a letter to the gift recipient unless you advise us not to.

I have a question/complaint/comment not otherwise covered here.  How can I contact you?

Again - you can reach us at or by phone at 514-937-8946.

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