Vallum Award for Poetry 2017

JULY 15, 2017


1st Prize: $750

2nd Prize: $250

+ publication in Vallum

Game on!


Some of the BIGGEST names in poetry have graced the pages of
Vallum: Contemporary Poetry. THINK BIG, SEND US YOUR BEST!

Vallum is accepting original and previously unpublished poetry submissions for the Vallum Award for Poetry 2017.

Our judge this year is Nicole Brossard. An important voice in poetry over the last 40 years, she has been shortlisted for the Griffin Poetry Prize and has twice won the Governor General's Award for Poetry. In 2016 she won a Pushcart Prize for poems published in Vallum, which were excerpted from her Vallum chapbook A Tilt in the Wondering. We are honoured to have her as our judge!

The editors at Vallum are committed to enriching and continuing the tradition of poetry in the present day. We welcome submissions that deepen our understanding of what poetry is and can be. We encourage Indigenous writers, writers of colour, gender non-conforming writers, differently abled writers, LGBTQ writers, writers with mental or physical illnesses, and writers who are otherwise affected by structural inequality to submit their work for consideration.



$25 CDN for Canadian residents, $25 USD for US and international entrants, which includes a free one-year subscription* to Vallum. Payment can be made by cheque (payable to "Vallum") or through our online store hosted by PayPal.

*Please note that international entrants will receive a one-year digital subscription only.
*All entrants will be signed up to receive Vallum E-News! You may unsubscribe at any time.





  1. Submit up to 1-3 poems of maximum 60 lines each. The $25 entry fee covers 3 poems.  Do not label your poems with your name or address; instead include a cover letter with all pertinent information. Please also specify how you heard about the contest.
  2. Poems may be on any theme or subject, but must be original and not previously published.
  3. 1st prize is $750, 2nd $250. Both 1st and 2nd prize-winning poems will be published in Vallum Magazine and on Vallum's website. Honourable Mentions may be selected and published but are not eligible for cash prizes. 

If mailing your entry, please send it to:

5038 Sherbrooke West
PO BOX 23077 CP Vendome
Montreal, QC H4A 1T0


Please write your name, contact information, each poem's title, and how you heard about the contest in the body of the email. Include your poems in an attachment, without any identification. The contest is judged blind. Also write "VALLUM AWARD" in subject line of your email. Your contact information and poem titles must be clearly delineated.
SEND TO:  vallumcontest[at]gmail[dot]com



2016 Winners

1st place: "To my mother, aloud" by E. Canine McJabber
2nd place: "To a Young Man Seen Wearing a Bow Tie" by James McKee

Honourable mention: "Dietary Restriction" by Catriona Wright
Honourable mention: "blooming on my skin (a flor de piel)" by María José Giménez 
Honourable mention: "Her First First Nations Boyfriend" by Sue Reynolds
Honourable mention: "Joy" by Salvatore Difalco

The winning poems appear in Vallum 14:1 "Evolution."

Thanks to Jeramy Dodds, the 2016 contest judge.


2015 Winners

1st place: "Girl Gives Birth to Thunder" by K.T. Billey
2nd place: "It Was a Golden Age of Monsters" by John Sibley Williams

Honourable mention: "Finding the Field with No Roads" by Grace Vermeer
Honourable mention: "Vicarious" by Joan Crate
Honourable mention: "The Outsider" by Maxence Yaelle
Honourable mention: "They Were There" by Alycia Pirmohamed

The winning poems appear in Vallum 13:1 Open Call.

Thanks to Stephanie Bolster, the 2015 contest judge.


2014 Winners

1st Place: "The Long Study" by Alexei Perry
2nd Place: "Last evening I stumbled" by Carla Barkman

Honourable Mention: "Apple to Apple" by Susan Hughson
Honourable Mention: "pass this note" by Domenico Capilongo

Winning poems appear in Vallum 12:1 "Surrender"

Thanks to George Elliott Clarke, the 2014 contest judge.


2013 Winners

1st Place: "Godzilla Versus Mothra" by Michael Prior
2nd Place: "Hawk" by John Pahl

Honourable Mention: "No Paradise Here" by Mary Ann Moore
Honourable Mention:"Summer" by Elana Wolff
Honourable Mention:"Dun" by Ulrike Narwani

Winning poems appear in Vallum 11:1 "Thresholds"


2012 Winners

1st Place: "A Man of Plain, Common Understanding" by Emily Paskevics
2nd Place: "Ariadne's Thread" by Jim Johnstone

Honourable Mention: "Welcome Sign" by Denver Jermyn
Honourable Mention:"Her He" by Susan C. Evans
Honourable Mention:"The Swan" by Matthew Requa

Winning poems appear in Vallum 10:1 "Magic"


2011 Winners

First Place: "Telecommuting Spouses" by Peter Richardson
Second Place: “Veninum Lupinum” by Jack Miller

Honourable Mention: "Dark Matter" by Roxanna Bennett
Honourable Mention: "Tougher Than Leather" by Joseph Anderson
Honourable Mention: "Up Ahead" by Lucy Ricciardi

Winning poems appear in Vallum 9:1 "Pakistan."


2010 Winners

1st Prize: "My Father's Grief" by Pamela Porter
2nd Prize: "Displacement" by John Reibetanz
Honourary Mention: "Theory and Practice" by Susan Steudel


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