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Vallum 9:1 "Poets from Pakistan"

Reading Pakistan by Blaine Marchand, Guest Editor (Exclusive Online-Only essay)


ADDENDUM: Harris Khalique's "Black Pepper Poem" was not printed in its entirety. Please see the full version here. Vallum extends apologies to the author and readers.



Zulfikar Ghose

Silent Birds \ The Attack on Sialkot

Shadab Zeest Hashmi

Mosquée de Paris \ Anadolu

Louise Carson


Zarmina Rafi

How to Love a Photograph

Waqas Khwaja


Mehvash Amin

Crow \ Ami

Jeeva Haroun

Coral Dance \ Master

Sehba Sarwar

Why Are You Looking at Me Like That?\Doc 101: Intro to Life and How to Live It

Moniza Alvi

At the Time of Partition

Alamgir Hashmi

At Eighty-Six

Harris Khalique

Black Pepper Poem

Rayan Khan


Moeen Faruqi

Neighbourhood \ The Still Life of Apples

Kyla Pasha

Poet Laureate

Bilal Tanweer

Breaths \ Lightness \ The Bird of Sound

Adrian Husain


Mina Farid Malik

on humidifiers, and the buying thereof

Shaista Justin

Winter’s Lion \ Not the End

Sahar Rizvi   Shahtoos \ ‘78 Datsun
Faraz Maqsood Hamidi   This 2  \ G.O.P.
Shirin Haroun   Page Bird
Sadaf Halai  

Accidental \ On my Seventieth Birthday \ Summoning

Sascha Akhtar   Raga
Savera Hayat-Dade   Spaceships of Time
Taimoor Shahid   Mon Livre Préféré \ 3:02 am
Sascha Akhtar   The Sufi’s Sestina
1st Place: Peter Richardson   Telecommuting Spouses
2nd Place: Jack Miller   Veninum Lupinum
Ilona Yusuf   A Lively Progression: Mapping Pakistani Poetry

Lisa Sookraj

Just Like Her by Louise Dupré, Translated by Erin Mouré

James Edward Reid

Modern Poetry of Pakistan, Iftikhar Arif and Waqas Khwaja, eds.

Rob McClennan

Fluttertongue 5 by Steven Ross Smith

John Kerkhoven

Rebuild by Sachiko Murakami




Faiza Butt


Unless-4 (cover) \ All or Nothing \ Unless-2 \ Tales of Whopped Fantasies \ Get Out of my Dreams 2 \ Placebo for my Warrior \ I'll be Safe in my Own Mind


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