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8:1 "Futures" (2010)


John Grey

How the News Gets to Me

Travis Mossotti

Place of Rest

Dane Swan

The Irrelevant Age

Nicholas Leaskou

Under Breath \ Wood Light

Piotr Gwiazda

Removable Tattoos

Anthony Labriola

Basket of Stars

Tom Waymen

Time Report

Ben Griffin

Airplane Boneyard

Lorraine Schein Question for the Oracle

Franz Wright

T.S.E \ You Can't Miss It

Guy Ewing

The Word "Future"


To Show Me More (translated from the Spanish by Dan MacIsaac)


from Stanza of an Alcala Nun (translated from the Spanish by Dan MacIsaac)

Yang Zi

Fogiveness \ The Last Farmer \ Take It Easy Sleep (translated from the Chinese by Ye Chun, Melissa Tuckey and Fiona Sze-Lorrain)

Danil J. Langton

Another Birthday

Esvie Coemish

Love Letter 19

Judy Little

Consider Tomorrow (MT 6)

Chris Hutchinson

Cross Purposes

Ian A. Fleming

Labour Productivity


Priscilla Atkins

Teacher Education 101: Lesson

Guy Ewing


William Dexter Wade

Canto Surreal

Lindsay Ahl

Various Forms of Light in Hindi

Guy Simser

Untitled \ Falling Fruit

Roxanna Bennett

Symtoms of the Disorder

Louis Philips

Found Poem #9875

Kim Goldberg

Who Rents Your Head

Scott Bryson

Class Confusion

Gary Barwin

Three Spam Emails Sonnet


First Place: Pamela Porter

My Father's Grief

Second Place: John Reibetanz


Honourable Mention: Susan Steudel

Theory and Practice

John Kerkhoven

Regreen: New Canadian Ecological Poetry, Madhur Anand and Adam Dickinson, eds.

James Edward Reid

Sweet by Dani Couture

Bill Neumire

The Little Seamstress by Susan Musgrave




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