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Vallum 6:1

George Elliott Clarke Eva La Venere Selvaggia \ Quemada! \ Autostrada Per Los Angeles \ Un Bacio Asfissiante \ Alla Serentià \ Qualcosa \ Piu'Grande Di Noi
John Barton Whale Watching From Mt. Norman
Steve Light Vladimir Mayakovsky
Stephen Dunn Details \ Waiting for the Bus
A.F. Moritz Progress of an Invention \ No Root
Jan Zwicky Practising Bach
Bert Almon Astral Journey
James Grinwis Signs of Order in the Universe 3
Fred Johnston Art Work
Drew W. McKevitt Gateway Diner
CJ Pellerin From Future Address
Ronnie R. brown Rough Edges \ Puss in Boots Part I (Puss)
Ken Victor Notes on the Technologies of Depression
Ryan G. Van Cleave The Mortician's Son. A Week Into His New Job
Heater Cardin Journey
Elana Wolff Waterwheel
Lorna Crozier Mercy \ Lichen \ Balance
Tom Wayman The Man Who Could Smell Time
Michael Mirolla Pablo Picasso Visits James Joyce and they Discuss Youth
Michael Carrino Summer Rain
Jeffrey Herrick Glorioles
Shane Neilson Abscond
Ryan Quinn Flanagan Sharing Canvas with the Impressionists
Brian Campbell Airports
Anita Pinatti Breakfast with Picasso
Nikolijne Troubetzkoy I Wish You Were a Fisherman

Ariela Freedman Selected Poems by Dereck Walcott \ Everywhere Being is Dancing by Robert Bringhurst
Jesse Patrick Ferguson Now You Revive by A.F. Moritz
Fred Johnston Man and Beast by Eric Cole
Bryan Sentes Falsework by Gary Geddes

Nicolas Baier Capillaires \ Vases Communicants \ Lévitation
Peter Auerbach Arch
Jhave Johnston Berger Quotation in a Natrual History of the Senses \ Percusor Rill \ Discarded Chalice \ Hungry Dexterity

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