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  11:2 SPEED


ADDENDUM: A. Garnett Weiss's poem "Hesitation Marks" was not printed in its entirety. Please see the full version here. Vallum extends apologies to the author and readers.


  philip gordon these bodies, somehow \ fast women
  Darryl Salach The Weird Kid Seated at the Back of the Classroom \ All is Lost in the Blink of an Eye
  Jacob Scheier Jumbo Elegy \ Note
  Iain Higgins Every Day Is Parade Day Except When It’s Not
  Jim Fisher Prime Mover
  Jan Zwicky Antarctic
  Evelyn Lau Blue Dresses \ Saved
  Paul-Georges Leroux Tanka
  Gary Barwin Quickness
  John Pahl The Problem Measuring the Speed of Time
  Stanley M. Noah Relativity, milky ways, black holes, and all other stuff
  J. Mark Smith Time took him to be \ Jurisdiction of the Self-Cleaning Oven
  Brent Cassan Reforming as it falls
  Andy McGuire Why We Cry on Planes
  Lesley Battler cloud
  Karen Solie Via
  Kathleen Hellen The Cultural Book of the Dead
  Tom Prime Percentages
  A. Garnett Weiss Hesitation marks
  Jessica Van de Kemp I Discover
  Yusuf Saadi Spacetime
  Gerald Arthur Moore Warrant Officer Hawko
  Anthony Labriola Thrift
  Sharon Black Dangerous Driving
  Daniel Goodwin Speed
  David Eso Thoughts by bill bisset
  bill bissett whn I flash on what
  David Swartz Before Thought Thinks: a Review of Ron Silliman's Revelator
  Zachariah Wells A Modest Master: a Review of Ricardo Sternberg's Some Dance
  Jenna Butler A Review of Dani Couture's Yaw
  Jan Zwicky from Art of Fugue
  Sandy pool & Blair Prentice from Songs for the Pocket Anatomist
  Nicole Brossard from A Tilt in the Wondering
  Tobias Hutzler Photographs from a series on light and space

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