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 Evelyn LauPast Life \ Grip \ Breast
 Daniel J. LangtonSend Money for a Better World
 George Elliott ClarkeJoseph Repulses
 Julie EliopoulosNobody
 Karina BorowiczMeant to Be
 Daniel CowperTwo Bodies Once \ April, from Winter Devotional \ Searle's Chinese Room Problem
 Tom WaymanSemblance
 Paul Georges LerouxSeuils
 Adam Casole-BuchananTrust
 Adam DickinsonA String of Small Pearls
 Jeramy DoddsSan Fran Fiasco
 Joshua TrotterThe Enormity of What You Have Done
 Leland JamesLogistics \ 1 September 1939
 Sheila StewartRobes
 Rafi AaronThe Hunting Party
 RufinusTrans. John J. Brugaletta
 Donna J. Gelagotis LeeOriginal Bride
 Ilona MartonfiDandelion Snow
 Jean-Mark SensAngel's Line
 Crystal HurdleExcerpt from Ajar \ out of the cocoon
 Sebastien WenBattle of the Gambler's Shadow \ You Always Get to Keep the Gun
 Changming YuanY
 John KinsellaThreshold Failure
 Rhona McAdamThe Phantom Bus \ The Language of Doors
 John Wall BargerA Woman on a City Bus at Night
 Lou VaniAsk a Decision
 Iggi ZhouShedding Skin
 Melanie SwetzMussolini's Legacy
 Michael Prior1ST PLACE - Godzilla Versus Mothra
 John Pahl2ND PLACE - Hawk
 Ulrike NarwaniHonourable Mention - Dun
 Mary Ann MooreHonourable Mention - No Paradise Here
 Elana WolffHonourable Mention - Summer
 Kevin HigginsRooms the Wind Makes by James Deahl \Zeppelin by Blaise Moritz
 Bill Neumirethis drawn and quartered moonby Klipschutz \ philosopher at the skin edgeof being by Andrews Grace
 Monika LeePatient Frame by Steven Heighton
 Andrew B. MyersFast Times at Ridgemont High
 Andrew B. MyersThe Wave \ Knowledge is Power \ I Believe in the Loch Ness Monster \ Rise and Shine \ Paradise Found \ Steady Decline \ Helene

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