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10:1 MAGIC
Susan McCaslin A Chant for the Opening of the Third Eye
Lorna Crozier Last Questions
Symon Jory Stevens-Guille Ode to a Garden Echo
James J. Stevenson The Web (XXII)
Charles Wyatt There's a certain slant of light \ Nor Would I be a Poet
Susan Steudel She Does Not See the Stairs
Megan Alford Devil's Punchbowl, Manitoba
Elana Wolff Tower
Anita Pinatti Day 1: Uxmal
Anthony Labriola Tricks of Light
Nicole Brossard (pluie) \ 23.12.2010 \ CAILLOUX INCISÉS (Trans. Robert Majzels and Erín Moure)
Jennifer Still Mourning Cloak
Ben Murray A Spell of Time
Brent Raycroft Variety
Aaron Kreuter Fan Fiction
Aaron Boothby Carnival
dee Hobswan-Smith Communication
George Elliott Clarke Enoch 1: 1-19
Cassidy McFadzean His Tragic Flaw \ This Magician Wove
Whit Griffin A Medium That Guarantees Nothing \ What Gathers In
Robin Richardson scenes from the spoke club
Jessica Van de Kemp The Washerwoman
Rafi Aaron The Plowing Hand
Kate Marshall Flaherty Wiccan Craft in the Woods
Alexis Marie The Carnival: The Magician's Girl
Moez Surani poems to be performed by kevin mcpherson eckhoff, with or without a green Elfin Mask
Jason Freure Six Spells, Invented and Discovered
Emily Paskevics 1ST PLACE - A Man of Plain, Common Understanding
Jim Johnstone 2ND PLACE - Ariadne's Thread
Denver Jermyn Honourable Mention - Welcome Sign
Susan C. Evans Honourable Mention - Her He
Matthew Requa Honourable Mention - The Swan
Sharon Caseburg Interview with Jennifer Still
Bill Neumire Fancy Clapping by Mark Dunn \ One False Move by Tim Conley \ Doom: Love Poems for Supervillains by Natalie Zina Walschots
Alisha Mascarenhas In the Black: New African Canadian Literature. Ed. Althea Prince
James Edward Reid Theogony / Works and Days by Hesiod. Trans. C.S. Morrissey.
Lissy Elle Laricchia Twinkle (cover)
Lissy Elle Laricchia The Wanderer \ Fallen \ The Afterlife \ Sparkles \ The Expedition \ Catch & Release \ Delusions \ Pet Cloud \ Impossible Things \ Braveheart

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